Larry is an archaeologist affiliated with the University of Pennsylvania. He was motivated to start SPI after witnessing first-hand the power of community and economic-based solutions to heritage preservation. Larry was the director of Proyecto Inkallakta, focusing on a monumental Inka site in Bolivia, and co-editor of 'Archaeology of Performance: Theater, Power and Community'.  He is the founder of Tremisis Energy and has held various positions in the energy and environmental sectors.



Mera was the founding executive director of the San Francisco General Hospital Foundation, bringing philanthropic support to public health. She went on to lead a national sale program for Endymion Systems, Inc.; a technology integration and IT outsourcing company (sold to Soluziona USA, 2004). A native of San Francisco, Mera lives in her hometown where she sings in a 70s and 80s rock and punk cover band. 



Luis Jaime is the former Deputy Minister of Cultural Heritage and Cultural Industries for Peru, and is a Professor at Pontifical Catholic University of Peru (PUCP). He has lead the San Jose de Moro Archaeological Program since 1991, and is widely published on the Moche, Pre-Columbian Art and the cultural heritage of Peru.  Luis Jaime has been the driving force behind SPI in Peru and is passionate about local communities being able to make a living with archaeological sites. In April 2019, Luis Jaime was elected as a Foreign Associate to the National Academy of Science for his distinguished and continuing achievements in original research.


Fernanda Arias Gogin, Coordinator of Commercial Strategy, Peru

Fernanda studied anthropology at Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, Lima. She has experience in participatory methodologies, and has conducted fieldwork in various areas of Peru. She is interested in crafts, the preservation of traditional practices within communities, and the importance of community relations and intercultural mediation.

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Paul Burtenshaw, Research Associate

Paul was SPI’s Director, Projects, from 2014 to 2019. He now contributes his experience to SPI as a Research Associate. He lives in Los Angeles with he wife, dog, and growing vinyl collection.