Living Amid the Ruins, a project led by the British Institute at Ankara (BIAA), implements an innovative approach to the use of archaeological heritage.  Focusing on the region of Pisidia in southwest Turkey, the project concentrated on understanding the relationship communities have with their local archaeological sites and discovering ways in which archaeology can create social and economic benefits. One of these ways is the development of the Pisidia Heritage Trail, a long-distance walking trail which aims to bring tourism and jobs to the villages and communities of the area. SPI assisted the project by providing expertise on what economic opportunities may be suitable for the communities of Pisidia and the paths to achieving sustainable businesses based on local cultural heritage. Beyond advising the project on strategies for developing local cultural heritage-based businesses, SPI developed specific business plans for each community in the study area based on the project’s ethnographic research and the SPI Business School. As a result, BIAA used these strategies as part of collaborations with Turkish NGOs and other local experts to forward sustainable community development in the area.